XP 向け最終版 Kindle for Windows を Windows 2000で使う

Kindle for PC 1.25.0 Build 52064 for PC Windows - 履歴 - FileHippo.com
Windows XP 向けの最終版の Kindle for Windows は v1.16です
それ以降のバージョンでは Qt Engine が 非XP版になってるため、クラッシュしてしまいます

Windows 2000の場合、 1.16 をいきなりインストールするとクラッシュしてしまう場合があります。
その場合は、一旦 v1.14.1をインストールしてみてください。





  1. Mina より:

    I was able to make v1.17 and v1.17.1 install and run on XP.

  2. Mina より:

    > I was able to make v1.17 and v1.17.1 install and run on XP.
    So, actually, the reason why newer versions don’t install is not because of Qt Engine, but because it checks your OS and if it’s an incompatible one, the setup closes immediately.
    So, this is how I installed v1.17-v1.17.1 on XP (may work on 2000, but can’t be sure):
    Opened Registry Editor and went to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion and found two values: CurrentBuildNumber and CurrentVersion. I changed CurrentBuildNumber to 7601 and CurrentVersion to 6.1, and then went to filehippo from the link in your blog post, and downloaded v1.17 and v1.17.1 installers.
    I ran the installer of v1.17, it installed successfully, then i ran v1.17.1 installer, and it successfully installed, but it gave me “not a vaild Win32 application”, so I grabbed PE MAKER, and went to Main tab, and changed OSVersion from 6.0 to 5.1, and changed SubSysVersion from 6.0 to 5.1. Then, I opened Kindle (v1.17.1 in this case), and it worked.

  3. Mina より:

    A rare epic moment that happened to me: I was able to install and run Kindle up to 1.21.0 (48017) without it crashing on exKernel Windows 2000.

  4. Mina より:

    How I got Kindle v1.21 to work on Windows 2000:
    Install Kindle v1.16 first, then install:
    v1.17.1, then v1.19.3, then v1.20.1, then v1.21.
    Try it. You will be able to get newer versions of Kindle to work. And if it crashes, profile it with Dependency Walker and it might tell the cause of crash.

  5. Mina より:

    However, installing Kindle v1.23.1 (50133) over Kindle v1.21 (48017) causes Kindle to crash, and I’ve profiled Kindle.exe in Dependency Walker to see what’s causing it.


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