Windows 2000 拡張カーネル v3.1j6 リリース

Windows 2000 Kernel32 改造計画【BM】
拡張カーネル v3.1j6 をリリースしました


XP版の comdlg32.dll の課題が多いので Win2000版にロールバック
shlwapi.dll に SetXP 関数を追加
shlwapi.dll のAssocGetPerceivedType を修正
xpbinに shellxp.dll を追加
setupxpi.dll を修正
shell32.dll の Control_FillCache_RunDLLWの序数を408に変更し序数148にSHMapIDListToImageListIndexAsyncを追加
printui.dll を 5.0.2195.6868に変更



  1. R1600 より:

    Hi. Where did you get english version of lzhfldr.dll? I searched it for 30 minutes, but I only found a Japanese installer. Also, is there a korean (or other languages) version?
    BTW, congratulations on moving to a new blog. It looks much better!

    • blackwingcat より:

      I made mistake to configure it the part of resource.
      But it is English version.
      Check it with resource hacker.

      • R1600 より:

        Uhhh… You mean you don’t know where lzhfldr.dll came from?
        I want to know where can I find my native language version lzhfldr.dll or lzhfldr.msi
        By any chance, aren’t there versions other than the English and Japanese versions?

        • blackwingcat より:

          I created English version myself.
          LZH is Japanese original archive, so it is not used well in other country.
          I made mistake with remain a part of the version field Japanese. :3

      • R1600 より:

        Ah now I understand. Thanks

  2. R1600 より:
    I found that the message table in English version ntdll.dll is corrupted 🙁


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