Windows 2000拡張カーネルで動作する LINE は 5.9.2 まで

Windows 2000 拡張カーネルで動作する LINE の最終バージョンを調べてみました

残念ながら、 ampkit_windows.dll が NT6.x ベース向けに開発されているようで 5.10 以降は動作しないようです (・ω・)




  1. Mina より:

    The ampkit_windows.dll of LINE only requires these 4 functions in kernel32.dll:
    But yeah, your article about final version of LINE for Windows 2000 extended kernel still stands correct.

  2. 黒翼猫 より:

    The dll designed for Win NT6, you can know it from NT6SCNR

  3. Mina より:

    Yeah, you’re right. I used NT6SCNR to scan ampkit_windows.dll right now, and it said “Found NT 6.x code (0, 0, 3)”.

  4. Mina より:

    But wait.
    I used NT6SCNR to scan Firefox 53’s firefox.exe, and I got the same message “Found NT 6.x code (0, 0, 3)”.
    But even despite that message, 53 runs ok.
    I think I am misunderstanding something. What does (0, 0, 3) mean?

  5. 黒翼猫 より:

    I think it is correct. Firefox 53 designed NT6.
    not found means it works on NT 5.x
    “the result is not zero” means it may be designed for NT 6.0 and if it does not branch for NT 5.x then it will be crash.
    It is related to Thread local storage.

  6. Mina より:

    Yes, that’s right. Firefox became designed for NT 6.x beginning version 53. 52 (and its ESR channel) was the last good known version to be designed for NT 5.x.

  7. Mina より:

    Still, I think in my opinion that 1 dll being stuck in the NT6SCN scanning won’t prevent LINE 5.10 from running.

  8. 黒翼猫 より:

    Any programs lock to access read files when it is running.

  9. Mina より:

    I mean:
    Remember when you used NT6SCN on Kindle v1.33? Only 1 file (KRFDynamic.dll) was made for NT 6.x, and the result is 3, but Kindle v1.33 still worked despite that 1 dll being made for NT 6.x, while the rest were NT 5.x.
    So,what I am saying is, that the same should apply to LINE 5.10, since it’s only ampkit_windows.dll that’s made for NT 6.x, while the rest were NT 5.x.

  10. 黒翼猫 より:

    “result of 3” does not mean “it made for NT6”
    more and more result means higher rate “it made for NT6”
    result of zero only means “it made for NT 5 with rate 100%”

  11. Mina より:

    Ok, got it.


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