[The VERGE] It is a Fake News about "Microsoft confirms you really, really don’t need to ‘safely remove’ USB flash drives anymore"

Microsoft confirms you really, really don’t need to ‘safely remove’ USB flash drives anymore - The Verge
The VERGE said such thing.
I think it is critical fake news !

In the first place, Microsoft has not been informed although the content of USB memory has been destroyed without safely removal of hardware on Windows 8.1 and 10.

The following Japanese articles are critical problem without "safely removal of hardware" on Windows 10 
[anecdote] Yah. After all Windows 10 is not a defect! Part 2
[Fear] After upgrading to Windows 10, all data may be lost if you do not remove USB safely-Togetter

Originally, Windows 10 was defective, They should stop expressions that looks like it was stuck in new features since Windows 10 Build 1809 !!!

Correctly, there are the policies called "Quick Removal" and "Performance Optimization" since Windows XP.
Windows XP and later up to Windows 8 has been the default setting for "Quick Removal"
But the default settin was changed to "Performance Optimization" since Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 on some USB devices.
The device increased
with the setting returned to the  Windows 2000 era.
And many USB memory were sacrificed .
It's just a story of finally getting it back.

In order to show that Windows 10 has best performance , it had been set to Windows 2000 era at the expense of reliability. 
But it was just decided to put it back even though I didn't need it at the end of XP or Win7 support.

Technically, Microsoft flipped this switch back in October when version 1809 first started rolling out, so this won’t be a revelation for every reader. It just so happens to be making the rounds now that the company’s notifying IT professionals that the update is being deployed more broadly. Plus, the company’s had protections to keep your flash drives safe since Windows 7, according to my Microsoft-expert colleague Tom Warren

Tom Warren's anecdotes are too suspicious.
There is one function that comes to mind.
Windows Vista and later have the ability to put the PC on standby or to power on the USB device you are leaving connected after removing it safely.

USB Port Remains Active for Disabled or Safely Removed USB Device

It turns out that there is a function that doesn’t disable hardware even if you remove USB in software, and that it is enabled by default.

It's been a long time defect in "safely remove" hardware  of Windows 10, and it just looks like they've just created a story just to pry it up, although it was only returned the setting.



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