The localized problem of English version Windows 2000 Extended Kernel

How to localize Windows 2000 Extended Kernel ?
I added content f) for not game support version extended kernel localize.

And I missed following content.

d) You should change to the entry address which I_RpcBindingInqLocalClientPID!rpcrt4.dll in 0x5AF21

For expample.
Japanse version 01777E78 (0x787e7701)
English version 0177D977 (0x77d97701)

Windows 2000 Kernel32 改造計画【BM】

I fixed kernel32.dll English version from v2.4f2 to 2.4f2a.
Game supported version from v2.4f to 2.4fa.

Archived Filename is same.




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