Windows 2000 で無理やり動かせる Amazon Kindle 1.29 のインストール手順

Amazon Kindle 1.30 は残念ながら起動してもWindow が出てこないようで諦めました ・ω・

1.29 は少しの改造で動作するようなので、動作させるための手順を書きます。

まず、fcwin2kでWindows 7にレジストリを偽装します。でないとインストーラーが起動せずに落ちます。

KINDLE.exe にパッチを当てます
00D47AE2 FF75EC8B -> 33C0EB14 

binpatch kindle.exe 00D47AE2:FF75EC8B:33C0EB14 

そしてインストール後 msvcr*.dll をフォルダから消します。拡張カーネル用のVC++ Runtime を入れてください。


"%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Amazon\Kindle\Cache\Logs"





  1. Mina より:

    So that we can be accurate, Amazon Kindle v1.30 and v1.31 do not run on Windows 7 at all (it only ran on 8, 8.1, and 10), so they don’t work on Windows 2000 either. But, thankfully, beginning with v1.32, Amazon fixed the bug, so it runs on Windows 7 again.
    Which means v1.32 and v1.33 can run on Windows 2000.
    v1.34 installs, but doesn’t open because it says “The procedure entry point CloseThreadpoolWork could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.”
    I opened Kindle.exe in Dependency Walker, and this is what I got:
    All of the above are Windows Vista functions.
    All of the above are Windows Vista functions too.

  2. Mina より:

    I need help please.
    I’m trying to run Kindle v1.29 on Windows 2000. (Installation was successful)
    I patched Kindle.exe using binpatch. (Patch was successful)
    At the part where you said to delete msvcr*.dll from Kindle folder and then put the ones from the extended kernel, I did that.
    But when I open Kindle after doing that, it says “The dynamic link library MSVCR120.dll could not be found in the specified path C:\Program Files\Amazon\Kindle;.;C:\WINNT\system32;C:\WINNT\system;C:\WINNT;C:\WINNT\system32;C:\WINNT;C:\WINNT\System32\Wbem.”
    What should I do? I am in need of immediate help.

  3. 黒翼猫 より:

    you can download VC++ runtime from WLU. :3

  4. 黒翼猫 より:

    These functions for Application designed by NT6.x, so it is no mean for Windows 2000.

  5. Mina より:

    Oh yes, I missed that one. It was important, sorry.
    Oh yes, I missed that one.
    I know they are designed by NT6.x, hence the sentence “Windows Vista functions.”. Luckily, v1.32 and v1.33 don’t require them, only v1.34.

  6. Mina より:

    Oh yes, I missed that one.
    I know they are designed by NT6.x, hence the sentence “Windows Vista functions.”
    (sorry for writing yet another comment, the previous one had a mistake)

  7. Mina より:

    Ok, I installed all the VC++ runtimes, from 2005 to 2019.
    I did the fcwin2k registry impersonation and installed Kindle v1.29.
    I did the patch kindle.exe step.
    Now, so that I don’t get confused any further, and make mistakes and repeat the whole tutorial again, you are saying delete msvcr*.dll from Kindle folder, these are the files I am seeing:
    I also see this folder named Microsoft.VC90.CRT, and inside it, it has:
    And a manifest file.
    I then extracted Windows2000-KB935839-v31aM-x86-ENU.wlu, and found these files inside:
    What to do with these files above?

  8. 黒翼猫 より:

    extended kernel included VC++ 2005 and 2008, 2019.
    Next version will include VC++2010 and 2012, 2013

  9. 黒翼猫 より:

    The functions require for NT6 memory management as same as Firefox 55 and later so they make Win2000 system unstables.

  10. Mina より:

    So, should I wait until next version then?
    Because I tried all the ways to get Kindle v1.29 to start, but it still says “Kindle.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows” even after trying your tutorial.

  11. 黒翼猫 より:

    no need to wait.
    It may be exist other reason, can you show stack trace when it crashed.

  12. Mina より:

    What is “stack trace”?
    (I really apologize for so much questions)

  13. 黒翼猫 より:

    it also called “call stack”.
    history of called addresses.

  14. Mina より:

    Where to find that?
    And I forgot to tell, I am running 2000 on VirtualBox, not VMware anymore, if that helps.

  15. Mina より:

    If I understood this right, it’s hopeless to run Frefox 55 on Win2000?
    What about Firefox 54 (stable, not alpha)?

  16. 黒翼猫 より:

    It used not the compile option “v141_xp” toolset to put it simply.
    Firefox is open source so if we compile it another option it will work easier.

  17. 黒翼猫 より:

    You should use any debugger.

  18. Mina より:

    Ok, I will use Dependency Walker. Is that ok? Because I don’t know any other debugger than that.

  19. 黒翼猫 より:

    Perhaps Dependency Walker is not debugger and it shows only kernel32.dll RaiseException Address.
    For example Debugger , ollydebugger, Visual C++, WinDbg…..etc

  20. Mina より:

    Ok, I will use Visual C++. But what’s the last version of Visual C++ that’s compatible with Windows 2000?

  21. Mina より:

    I should also add that, your previous article about freshly installing Amazon Kindle v1.21 on Windows 2000 worked for me. So that means, I was able to run Kindle v1.21. Still hoping to run Kindle v1.29 and v1.33.

  22. Mina より:

    Sorry, I was wrong when I said it was hopeless to run newer versions of Firefox.
    It’s actually possible, but a bit harder.

  23. Mina より:

    Actually, “%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Amazon\Kindle\Cache\Logs” folder becomes already created after Kindle v1.29 is installed.

  24. Mina より:

    Ok, I installed Visual C++ 6.0 and opened Kindle 1.29 on it, and debugged it.
    It first said “Unhandled exception in Kindle.exe (KERNEL32.DLL): 0xF06D7363: Microsoft C++ Exception.”
    I clicked OK. Then, the call stack was filled with this:
    KERNEL32! 7c59bcb1()
    MSVCR120! 03f68a19()
    KINDLE! 01306a5f()
    KINDLE! 00fc7b15()
    KINDLE! 01170924()
    KINDLE! 01431ec4()
    KINDLE! 014310cd()
    KERNEL32! 7c5989d5()

  25. 黒翼猫 より:

    Your kindle crashed on fail to create Folder.
    Did you create these folders ?

  26. Mina より:

    What folder are you referring to? “%userprofile%\appdata\local\amazon\kindle\crashdump”?
    In that case, no, I didn’t create crashdump folder.
    If you mean another folder, please tell me its name, and if possible, the location.

  27. 黒翼猫 より:

    You should create the folder.
    I descripted previous artcles.
    Watch it again :3

  28. Mina より:

    Ok, I created crashdump folder, and the difference it made is make Kindle close itself after being open for a while.
    Should I debug it again?

  29. 黒翼猫 より:

    If it crashes same address, then check with filemon.

  30. Mina より:

    The thing is, it didn’t crash.
    All what just happens is, when opening Kindle 1.29, a process becomes created in task manager, and the memory usage becomes 65,072 K, and after 17 seconds, the process closes.

  31. Mina より:

    Heads up!
    I was wrong. You were actually right all this time. It was my fault. I didn’t follow the tutorial properly, so it didn’t work for me.
    Right now, I followed it properly by creating “%userprofile%\appdata\local\amazon\kindle”, and this time, Kindle 1.29 (and 1.33 too) worked for me this time.
    Thank you so much man, you rock as always!

  32. Mina より:

    Though, the sad thing is, you can’t view the notebook in Kindle v1.29 (and v1.33), because it requires Internet Explorer 11. Hope there comes a solution for this soon.
    At least, I am happy that newer versions of Kindle than 1.16 work.

  33. 黒翼猫 より:

    What is the note book which requires IE11? :3

  34. Mina より:

    I meant that, there’s a built-in notebook (when you open a book to read it) which allows you to see notes and highlights you made on a book.
    Open a book, and at the top right (next to the add bookmark symbol), there’s a “Show Notebook” button. Click it, and you will see a prompt saying “In order to view your notes and highlights you must have Internet Explorer 11 or higher installed on your machine.”
    I had this happening on my english environment, with Kindle v1.33 and Script Host 5.8 installed.

  35. Mina より:

    If you don’t understand me, I can show you a screenshot.

  36. 黒翼猫 より:

    Sorry, I have not checked it yet. But thx for your screenshot.

  37. Mina より:

    You’re welcome. Here’s the pic:

  38. Mina より:

    I confirmed v1.23.1 was the last version of Kindle that allowed me to view notes and highlights without requiring me IE11, and it was also on the left sidebar, and not on the top right.
    So, for the time being, I want to use Kindle v1.23.1 instead of v1.24.3 and later.
    Do you know the binpatch for v1.23.1?

  39. 黒翼猫 より:

    I checked it.
    1.24 and later user Edge component for reading kindle\index.html
    till 1.23 use Qt5 component.

  40. Mina より:

    Interesting. So the word “higher” in the sentence “In order to view your notes and highlights you must have Internet Explorer 11 or higher installed on your machine.” was actually referring to Edge.


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